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What are Mobile Proxies?

Mobile Proxies are a type of proxy that uses IP addresses from mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or 4G modems.
This is where mobile proxies come from

Pros and Cons of Mobile Proxies

Best use cases for Mobile Proxies


Mobile proxies are considered the best option for social media multi-accounting because they provide a higher level of trust and authenticity when compared to datacenter or residential proxies. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok are designed to detect and block suspicious or automated activity, and they are more likely to trust traffic coming from mobile devices.
Mobile proxies can help you manage multiple social media accounts by providing a unique IP address for each account, this way the social media platform will not detect that multiple accounts are being managed from the same device. Additionally, the use of mobile IP addresses can also help users access location-restricted content or features on social media platforms.

Web Scraping

Mobile proxies are also great for web scraping, it can help to avoid detection by website servers. This is because mobile IP addresses are less likely to be recognized as coming from a scraper or bot. Additionally, mobile proxies can also provide access to mobile-specific content or features on websites, which can be useful when scraping data from mobile-optimized websites.
In summary, mobile proxies provide a high level of anonymity, location flexibility, and a natural-looking traffic, which makes them a great option for web scraping. They can help to avoid detection and blocking by websites, and provide access to location-specific and mobile-specific content or features.