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What are Datacenter Proxies?

Datacenter Proxies are a type of proxy that uses IP addresses from data centers rather than real residential or mobile IP addresses.
This is where datacenter proxies come from

Pros and Cons of Datacenter Proxies

Web Scraping

Datacenter proxies are commonly used to scrape large amounts of data from websites, but they might lead to bigger blocks and bans. This is because datacenter IPs are shared among many users, and web scraping activity from datacenter proxies can be easily detected by websites. Therefore, it’s important to use private datacenter proxies, and have a good understanding of the proxy technology itself, to properly cover your footprint and avoid detection.

Price Comparision

Another example is that you are running a website or an e-commerce platform and you want to check the availability and prices of your products in different regions, you can use Datacenter Proxies to access your own website or your competitors’ websites from different regions and gather the necessary data to optimize your pricing strategy. Some platforms such as e-commerce platforms and airlines companies are not very sensitive to if the IP is detected as datacenter/vpn/proxy IP, so you can easily use datacenter proxies for this purpose.